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The lucky little girl of Shoufu family

The lucky little girl of Shoufu family

The lucky little girl of Shoufu family

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    The lucky little girl of Shoufu family
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    Sweet brocade
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    Woske Novel
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2021-12-06 06:33:25
[all free, Su Shuang + Tian Chong!] she was originally a descendant of a 21st century Feng Shui family. Once dressed as a poor peasant daughter-in-law, she returned to her old line of work in the face of an unstable world. She lived a prosperous life as a child, and assisted the unlucky husband who had been changed to be the top high-weight chief assistant she was busy making money to support her family, but her husband arranged flowers, painted pictures and raised goldfish at home. One day, she couldn't bear it. She picked up a guy and wanted to beat someone he Xuanji: "say, when the first connected official documents are approved by me, what do I want you to do?" a man smiled wildly and put an increasingly evil face in front of her: "a man without talent is virtue. For his husband, he just farms, takes his children and makes zongzi!"

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