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Female medical twig

Female medical twig

Female medical twig

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  • Alternative names:

    Female medical twig
  • Author:

    Miss Su LAN
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    Woske Novel
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Qingzhi just wants to be a well-dressed ancient medical doctor. How can it be so difficult to keep an image after knowing someone? The unusual life of medical practice has begun... Introduction to vernacular version: Qingzhi, who disguises herself as a man to practice medicine for her father, didn't expect that she has been in trouble since she treated Lu Shikang, the first dandy in Jiangbei and was recognized as a woman by him Lu: my best brother is gone. You are a woman. You have to compensate me Qingzhi: how to compensate Lu: be my daughter-in-law Qingzhi: I'd rather die Lu: if you can't pay for it, you can continue to dress up as a man and be my brother. My brother and I eat, live and sleep together. We can end the world like this... Qingzhi: who wants to end the world with you, a dandy... .. Introduction to classical Chinese version: there are dandies in Jiangbei, the third son of the Lu family. He doesn't love all beauties, but only one son. He wants to marry into his family and stay together day by day, Everyone in Jiangbei calls, and Lu Zi is too crazy.