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Imperial concubine, she hit Dai Sha

Imperial concubine, she hit Dai Sha

Imperial concubine, she hit Dai Sha

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    Imperial concubine, she hit Dai Sha
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    Liu Fuhuan
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-25 16:49:41
There are beauties in the north. When you look at the city, you fall in love Lu Yao believes that the beauty may be picking graves. The first time she saw Tu Susu was at the random burial post, the second time she saw her dancing as a Taoist priest, and the third time at the scene of the crime on the wedding night, Tu Susu pressed Lu Yao to the corner of the wall and lifted his chin. "Lord Lu, it was fate to meet you for the first time, coincidence for the second time, and fate for the third time. You are destined to belong to me to Tu Susu." Lu Yao's cheeks turned red and said back, "a strong twist is not sweet." Tu Susu smiled and said, "sweet or not, just take a bite." [1v1] [Qiangqiang] [Tianchong] [solve the case]

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