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Has the bodyguard been plotted today

Has the bodyguard been plotted today

Has the bodyguard been plotted today

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    Has the bodyguard been plotted today
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    Su straw embraces the white bear
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-16 07:26:46
Shen Ciji's goal in the first half of his life is to marry the son of Jianing and become a virtuous and virtuous Princess of the son of Jianing, but his goal in the second half of his life is to plot against the proud and handsome bodyguard around the son of Jianing SHEN Ciji boasts that he is not a face watcher. It is not because of his excellent martial arts and good looks that he wants to plot against his fiance's bodyguard you say the bodyguard is rich? Miss Shen waved her hand carelessly: I don't look at money and the bodyguard is as gentle as water? Miss Shen took a breath: isn't this my personal design also said that the bodyguard was very careful? Miss Shen touched her chin gracefully: This is a routine operation the maid was speechless. Miss Shen looked up and saw that the bodyguard was being pestered by the woman. With a smile on her face, she walked up to the woman and said softly, "this girl, he has sold himself to me. Please stay away from my bodyguard." SHEN Ciji's cat is a rational masterpiece & he Qinglan's savage growth of wild loyal dog fake salted fish