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Professor Ren competes with robots every day

Professor Ren competes with robots every day

Professor Ren competes with robots every day

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    Professor Ren competes with robots every day
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    B6 curator
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    Woske Novel
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AI talented girl Yunyang made a housekeeping service robot om1 to undertake all her housework and liberate herself one day, Yunyang found that om1 seemed to become a master from time to time - he hated her, his cooking skills improved by leaps and bounds, expressed dissatisfaction with her cool dress, and took charge of everything later, Yunyang met the signboard of Yingcheng University, Ren Ji, Professor of mathematics department this noble, lazy and intelligent man stopped at her door one day and said lazily: "fall in love?" Yunyang waved his hand and refused: "no, I have a robot." Ren Ji raised her eyes and squinted om1: "what's the use of it?" Yunyang: "can cook, wash clothes, clean up the room and massage me." Ren Ji, who has worn om1 for countless times, smiled lazily: "Isn't it all me?" Yunyang: "?" Ren Ji stopped and picked up the person in front of her, strode to the room, whispered vaguely in her ear: "there's something, it won't."

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