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The boss raised a crazy beauty

The boss raised a crazy beauty

The boss raised a crazy beauty

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    The boss raised a crazy beauty
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    One for the rest of my life
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    Woske Novel
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2021-12-02 11:56:42
Tang Suyi, it is said that she is a female professor from Hong Kong City and an expert in cardiac surgery. She is beautiful and cold. Her shallow eyes are always alienated Ning Wuqi is a famous sick beauty and sick seedling in the capital. He is a fourth master in the capital who is held high. It is rumored that his sexual orientation is unknown when a sick young man meets a female professor who is bent on doing business, he says: get out she thought to herself: this gentleman's health is fragile, but he has a bad temper... later, the sick and smelly temper not only stayed in the cardiac surgery office, but also occupied the doctor's lounge. He covered his heart from time to time, overbearing and delicate: "Dr. Tang, my heart hurts ~" Dr. Tang was seeing a doctor. After hearing this, he was absent-minded. After sending the patient away, he asked someone to close the door of the small clinic, Run to the lounge and coax the beauty... subordinate: color makes you dizzy.............................................................. [note] 1. The man is a sick beauty, has a bad temper and has always been in poor health (for some reason), but she is filled with black sesame seeds 2. The woman is a doctor outside the heart, cold in face and cold in heart, and is bent on doing business (yes, she has always had an exclusive plan to destroy heaven and earth, hahaha, kidding, kill up to 18 ancestors, mind not entering the karma!) 3. At the beginning, the male Lord was a sick beauty who wanted to hang up at any time, and it will get better in the later stage. After all, only when she is in good health can she act as a coquettish and start a career ~ 4 × External cold and slow heat [Dr. Tang]