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Gu Shao chasing his wife

Gu Shao chasing his wife

Gu Shao chasing his wife

Rating: 9 / 10 from 17824 ratings
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    Gu Shao chasing his wife
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    Lin zhirou
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-31 15:07:26
Main character: male owner: Gu Anze female owner: Jiang Yan Introduction: when Jiang Yan first met Gu Anze, he was still young, but in this boy with harmless human and animal appearance, the darkness in his heart has long been deep-rooted, he can't escape the human indifference around him but he met Jiang Yan it was Jiang Yan who brought light from the darkness in his heart. This was Gu Anze's only white moonlight in his teens he couldn't forget the word "Jiang Yan" for a long time. The word "Jiang Yan" was deeply imprinted in his mind and lingered... but with Jiang Yan's departure, he fell into a deeper abyss many years later, he was as cold-blooded and ruthless as the devil in hell. He stayed... People were very afraid of his name GU Anze meets Jiang Yan again... he is rogue and shameless, and his tone is very playful "Dr. Jiang, can I chase you?" "Dr. Jiang, I promise I won't fight." "Dr. Jiang, when are you going to marry me?" looking at Gu Anze in front of Jiang Yan, he seems to be as naive as he was many years ago. It seems that... He whom Jiang Yan knew before has never disappeared... GU Anze was dressed in a mature black suit and was cold all over. He held a cigarette in his hand. After extinguishing the cigarette, he put a powerful hand around Jiang Yan's small waist, and the other hand touched Jiang Yan's hair tip with tears in his eyes: "Jiang Yan... I'll marry you!" This time... He won't let her leave him again.

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