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Rebirth 90, the straw bag is really fragrant

Rebirth 90, the straw bag is really fragrant

Rebirth 90, the straw bag is really fragrant

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    Rebirth 90, the straw bag is really fragrant
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    Xin Ke'er
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-06 02:46:00
Yi Yi was reborn and returned to the 1990s other people's rebirth is either to pursue dreams or to revenge and abuse slag. What about her? Not only ordered his own house, but also forced dad to commit suicide in her previous life, she was the only daughter of a real estate tycoon. She was ignorant but could call the wind and rain. She was the strongest straw bag rich second generation in history now? Hehe... my father went bankrupt and absconded with money a group of creditors chased her around, leaving her with a home it's obviously a learning bully in Colleges and universities, but why is it so difficult not to fail in the exam when the students run, the rival wants to be superior but she just wants to die and be reborn wait, this is rebirth. He has died and can't go back... fortunately, the great demon king is born with blind self-confidence. Even if he is alone, he can mix life with wind and water later, everyone said that the poor daughter is really fragrant... that is, why does a man always pester her when he is not a good big star because of her good qualities covet her beauty he said nothing: I'm afraid you'll get into trouble. I have to take it for you * a ten billion dollar metamorphosis. Since love, family affection and study can be repeated, she wants to face it wholeheartedly and make life beautiful and fragrant

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