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Xuanjie margin

Xuanjie margin

Xuanjie margin

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    Xuanjie margin
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    Xu Xiaonan
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-15 02:05:17
In tianwu mainland, there are three groups of immortal demons and people who restrict and cooperate with each other. Twenty years ago, the war of the three groups just subsided. Twenty years later, the lower demons were unwilling to the status quo and tried to kill the devil and unify tianwu, but her appearance disrupted the original plan she was born in the human race, but she has fairy blood and is loved by thousands. She went to the fairy race alone to investigate the truth of her mother's death. On the way, she met him who was chased and killed he is a devil, cold and bloodthirsty. He is also her favorite person in her childhood. Although she doesn't remember, he still wants to tie her to himself. He can't escape the collision of the two rings has aroused the concern and snatch of countless people... The truth came to the surface. Did she go or stay? The fetters of race, can they come together?

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