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After rebirth, Diji became an evil Heavenly Master

After rebirth, Diji became an evil Heavenly Master

After rebirth, Diji became an evil Heavenly Master

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    After rebirth, Diji became an evil Heavenly Master
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    Q Qingzi
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-06 09:20:50
[ju Tianwen + resurrection armour + amnesia stem + space + +, the female leader of the closed door of love vs. the weak male leader of lack of love and disease] Ji Jiangying, the newly married emperor of the state of Haishu, was betrayed by her son-in-law, washed the imperial palace with blood, and was chased all the way. Finally, her body sank into the cold lake bottom... her anger was hard to dissipate. She was sent to the foreign world by an artifact and became an old ghost for thousands of years. She could have been a carefree and happy ghost king in the foreign world, Unfortunately, I have a deep hatred before death. I have to give up cultivation and come back again after rebirth, she resolutely chose to go to Xingyang country to go to the weak, sick and innocent third prince on the wedding night, Yan Lixi: if she dies, she will die. Don't worry about her tea on the second day of marriage Yan Lixi: don't worry, you don't have to be nervous with me Yan Lixi on the third day of her wedding: no one can touch her before the king hates her... the nth day of marriage Yan Lixi: today is also a day inseparable from Ah Ying ~ small theater 1: Jiang Ying lost her memory for the first time and went back to Haishu country to find slag men and women for revenge when Yan Lixi led the troops to avenge his beloved wife Xihe, he found that the nine emperors who led the troops were his beloved Ah Ying! He resolutely laid down his arms and surrendered when signing the compensation treaty, he promised himself to become the new husband of the Nine Emperors of Haishu state small theater 2: Jiang Ying lost her memory for the second time and became a low intelligence child. Looking at her husband's infatuation: "big brother, you look so beautiful." small theater 3: Jiang Ying lost her memory for the third time, forgot herself, but remembered Yan Lixi "Mingsheng, who am I?" "you are a Ying. Mingsheng puts a Ying on the tip of his heart."

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