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Lovesickness dreams are similar

Lovesickness dreams are similar

Lovesickness dreams are similar

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    Lovesickness dreams are similar
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    Jiufang Haoyu
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-13 02:39:26
The sky has green frost, the moon has teeth, a pool of spring water buries fallen flowers three trees under Acacia cliff, for whom to plant and hair there are facts that think he is so powerful, invincible and unparalleled in the world. Sometimes I think I'm probably blind, so I find such a mentally retarded person Haoyu muxue's father is the protector General of the Terran Zhongtian God kingdom. More than half of the troops of the Zhongtian God kingdom are in the hands of him and his son Haoyu Mufeng; Her sister Haoyu Muyun is the next queen of the kingdom of God. The imperial eunuch is counting the date when she will marry the prince's house. I'm afraid it didn't go so smoothly, because the imperial eunuch's warning came from the Taishi family of the prime minister's house; In addition to big brother and big sister Mu Xue, there is a second brother named Haoyu Muyu. The second brother's physique is very poor. He either lies or leans all day. If he walks a few more steps, he will catch his breath the rule of Zhongtian kingdom is that politics does not control soldiers, and soldiers do not involve politics if someone makes rules, someone will break them.

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