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After the powerful minister forcibly seized me

After the powerful minister forcibly seized me

After the powerful minister forcibly seized me

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    After the powerful minister forcibly seized me
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    Listen to the wind and the moon
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-06 08:51:02
Harmless to humans and animals, black heart lotus female leader x, cruel, paranoid male leader [1v1, SC, he] 1 Yu Jin has lived all his life and has been living for others all his life at the beginning of the tragedy, she was forced to marry the prince for the sake of her family. The end of the tragedy is for the husband's "great righteousness of family and country" and remarry the enemy emperor when the long planned envoy of the enemy kidnapped Yu Jin and forced her emperor's husband, she received cold eyes and a kill order. Finally, Yu Jin died of a thousand arrows through the heart given by her husband when she wakes up again, Yu Jin returns to before she gets married this time, what family honors the crown prince of the East Palace, which has something to do with her? In order not to repeat the tragedy of her previous life, Yu Jin turned her eyes to the high-ranking Prime Minister Zhou Yiming< br> 2. At a glance at the Lantern Festival on the Shangyuan Festival, the Fei color was deeply branded in Zhou Yiming's heart. Toss and turn all night so he took people back and locked them beside him< br> 3. Yu Jin looked at her powerful and domineering new husband and pretended to be frightened. In fact, she pinched her thigh secretly. When you lift your eyes again, they are dense she looked at him timidly and whispered: husband... I saw the face of Prime Minister Zhou Cheng stiff, followed by him and drew him into her arms without expression at first, he thought it was his own extortion. Later, he knew that the Canary not only flew by himself, but also built a high wall in his house.

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