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The evil king dotes on his wife

The evil king dotes on his wife

The evil king dotes on his wife

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    The evil king dotes on his wife
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    Yue Xiyan
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    Woske Novel
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2022-03-02 16:30:03
In her previous life, she wrongly paid her heart and fought on the battlefield, but she was killed by the common sister emperor. Once reborn, put on red makeup and sweep the capital with bare hands. In order to protect his family, he knows his tricks; In order to protect the people, we enlisted everywhere. I just want to avenge and atone all my life, but I don't want to meet a big demon king madam wants to kill? Hand over the ice blade for thousands of years - does madam want to kill the king? The tripartite forces are used by her - does the lady want to have children? Yesheng Li: stay up all night tonight???

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