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My eldest sister can do anything

My eldest sister can do anything

My eldest sister can do anything

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    My eldest sister can do anything
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    Ten coral
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-02 18:06:14
Ye Anlan has gone through, from the end of the world to ancient times, from nearly 40 to just over 10 years old. Ye Anlan feels that she has made a lot of money but the problem is, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, song and Fu, spinning and weaving, cutting and embroidery She doesn't know women's morality, words, looks and skills What's that if you don't marry your father, if you marry your husband, if you die, you become your son Ah, if I say the fist is hardened by itself, do you believe it or not * * * before meeting ye Anlan, a heroine who seemed to him to be good everywhere, Li Jing won countless hearts because of the words of a great Confucian in the world: "a modest gentleman, gentle as jade, clear inside and outside, and a heart like glass" after meeting ye Anlan, a country girl who is good for nothing in other people's eyes, Li Jing was killed in a moment. When people mention him, they always say, "I'm afraid there's something wrong with his eyes!"

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