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My brother is the Zombie King

My brother is the Zombie King

My brother is the Zombie King

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9879 ratings
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    My brother is the Zombie King
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    Luo Wanqi
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-22 02:56:01
The person who killed Jiang Silai didn't expect that her power would grow so rapidly in the later stage, and even less would he expect that the weakest and least existential people would grow to a place they couldn't look up to Jiang Silai, who is still weak slag, chose a path completely deviated from the previous life after the end of the world but I don't want to let her meet the person she should have met this time - this is the story of two old classmates who met in the early stage and were regarded as weak scum with a beautiful but useless face. They grew up into the strong ones of the end of the world step by step [sweet text]

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