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Red his little ears

Red his little ears

Red his little ears

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1025 ratings
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    Red his little ears
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    Gu Beinian Nan
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    Woske Novel
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2022-04-24 21:56:55
Meiyan dingliu vs her best friend's milk dog brother in the entertainment circle, Zhao Baisu set up a horse, was accused of hypocrisy and affectation, discredited the e-sports circle, attracted abuse from the whole network, made her apologize and get out of the entertainment circle Zhao Baisu climbed up the microblog to update the news: "don't scold. I really like E-sports. You see, my husband is the e-sports champion." the picture is a picture of a beautiful young man hugging her with the Golden Phoenix trophy - Bai Jiayang has always felt that he has a secret love for Zhao Baisu. He is clearly a bright love during the live broadcast of the game, the universal Navy netizen kept brushing the bullet screen and asked him if he had a girlfriend he smiled gently: "yes." netizen: ah, when did it happen Bai Jiayang flashed a trace of shyness at the bottom of his eyes and casually led the topic "a long time ago, don't ask, just ask can't broadcast." then, the teenager smiled and added: "no puppy love, I'm an adult when I confess." netizen: "I thank you..."

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