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Reborn daughter with her dog licking villain

Reborn daughter with her dog licking villain

Reborn daughter with her dog licking villain

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    Reborn daughter with her dog licking villain
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    Mingxi has a lot of meat
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-25 23:46:49
"Shuangjie", "rough man", "paranoid", "villain" Xun Lei committed evil all his life. He was scolded miserably by others. Finally, he was unwilling to fail and committed suicide with a gun good guy, good guy, before the soul was in a hurry to reincarnate, he was told that he was a vicious female companion in a brain crippled love article. No matter how beautiful and painstaking they are, they are infatuated with the male Lord for many years. Their hard-working status will eventually run to the bitch of the female Lord once reborn, Xun Yu just wants to accept his life, live well and stay away from men and women. However, when I came back, I was lying on the bed of Qin ye, a dog licking villain who was obsessed with his beauty and used by his feelings in his previous life... Xun Yu: "... Qin ye:" our plot was not discussed last night " Xun Yu:" why don't we turn back and wash our hands in a golden basin? " Qin ye:"? " "But I think I'm at a loss. All my money is gone. I'll be very distressed" "I'll pay you back slowly?" "then you might as well promise me by example" small theater - Qin ye: "you don't love me at all!" Xun Yu: "I love you." Qin ye: "you don't love me!" Xun Yu: "love you." Qin ye: "don't love me!" Xun Yu: "Well, I don't love you." Qin ye: "you just said you love me!" Xun Lei: "what else do you ask?"