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Servant girl s body, princess s life

Servant girl s body, princess s life

Servant girl s body, princess s life

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    Servant girl s body, princess s life
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-03 04:09:46
Lin Zhifan, a hard-working female college student, woke up from a dream and didn't have to write a paper. She directly sold herself into the Lin house and was ordered to serve the third Miss Lin family wait, how does this posture look like a role change? Third Miss Lin Shutong takes care of Lin Zhifan everywhere. Isn't it... when Lin Zhifan was officially promoted to a first-class servant girl and married with the third miss, the fifth prince came out of nowhere and insisted on marrying me. The reason is that her eight characters are very compatible with him Lin Zhifan hugged Lin Shutong's leg: "I won't marry! It's agreed that I will eat meat and drink soup in my life. I won't go to the Lord's residence to die." finally, he was dragged away by the fifth Prince and began to live a life of chicken flying and dog jumping.

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