5 Things To Figure Out Before Selling Your Home

Are you ready to move into a bigger space, or do you need to sell off your inheritance? It is no secret that selling a property can be a huge task, and not handled precisely can give a headache. To make this journey smooth, here are five things to keep in mind

Detach yourself from the house

Once you decide to sell your house, be firm on your decision. You much detach yourself and focus on selling the property.

Choose an agent or realtor

This is entirely up to you. If you’d like to take up the challenge, there is no issue. Make sure the broker you select is transparent, trustworthy and not just trying to make a sale.

File your documents

You will require some vital documents to sell the house, like a sales deed, previous ownership documents, property tax, lease deed and no objection certificate. Along with embellishing the walls, also prepare for the inquiries that could arise concerning the property. Be ready to present the necessary papers that your attorney, listing agent or client might request.

Declutter and get organized


Create an atmosphere that your buyers may not be able to resist. Get rid of all unwanted items from the house. Clear excess furniture, tabletops and cabinets to make the house look more spacious. Begin at the doorstep and work your way through tossing and removing things that are no longer in use. Don’t forget to clean that one chair in your room that bears most of your clothes. Organize the kitchen cabinets and closets. Sort out items like clothes, shoes, kitchenware and cutlery. Pack everything neatly in huge cartons and place them in the storeroom. Arrange jars with labels facing forwards so that everything looks organized and in place.

Repair or replace

Make a note of all things that need fixing. If repairing is not possible, replace them.

  • Paint the house
  • Replace house number or nameplate with fresh, visible and appealing lettering
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs, leaky faucets and broken appliances
  • Polish tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Fix any jammed doors, locks, screens and drawers

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