Advice for First-Time Home Sellers in Real Estate

Comparing buying and selling a home is extremely different. While buying a home normally involves feelings and emotions, selling one usually focuses on “maximizing profit potential,” as listing agents like to say. The advice provided here is useful for both experienced and novice house sellers. Keep reading on

Pricing Your House Correctly

Here, a reputable listing agent can be of assistance. Don’t pick the sister-in-law of your cousin who merely dabbles in real estate. If you choose a seasoned real estate agent who sells a decent amount of listings, ideally in your community, you’ll do far better.

Home staging increases appeal and selling power

Request advice from your agent on how to get your house ready for sale. With about half of the furniture eliminated, most homes seem better. You’ve done your job well if a buyer enters the home and wonders if anyone lives there. To increase your appeal and selling power, think about home staging.

Be accommodating with home showings

Be accommodating with showings. Consider taking a vacation the first weekend your house is on the market if house showings are too much of a disruption to your schedule. Allowing guests to wander through your house and inspect your soft-closing kitchen drawers can feel a little intrusive.

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Organize an Open House

If your residence is suitable for one, allow an open house. An open house isn’t appropriate for every house. There is typically a legitimate expectation that the open house signage will draw in guests if your home is close to a lot of traffic. Find out if your agent posts information about the open house online.

Online review of your listing

Verify the accuracy of the information being given by looking at the listings for your home on several websites. Although agents try their best to ensure accuracy, since it is your property, you are the best person to know the specifics. If you notice a feature is missing, speak with your agent right away and request that it be added.

Prepare your movers in advance.

You might find it difficult to get movers on the day you want if you are considering moving at the end of May, which is the busiest time of the year for movers. You can get a head start on the process by beginning to pack before your house goes on the market.

Look more closely at the requests that are reasonable and valid, then make an offer. Giving the concession doesn’t cost you anything; losing the customer does. Best of luck!