Com Ed Helps Illinois Consumers Save With CEJA Net Metering Smart Energy And More

Com Ed provides power to 3.8 million customers in Illinois, which is 70% of the state’s population. com ed also provides several services that help you make your life easier by offering an online account, outage report, smart energy and more.

The Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) is an important green energy law, passed last year by the Illinois General Assembly, has already had a positive effect on the lives and the livelihoods of Illinois’ energy consumers. CEJA includes a consumer rebate estimated to average about $18-$20 per month on all electricity bills.

CEJA has also brought more affordable options in the hands of consumers, and has re-energized an industry that was for a long time dominating by monopolies. There are more options than ever before for what you can do with the energy you want.

Electricity prices and plans in Illinois vary widely, depending on where you live. We make it easy to compare all the available options, including rates and reviews of the providers. Enter your zip code below to see a list all electric providers in your area that offer the most competitive rates.

Net Metering in Illinois

Illinois requires that all utilities provide net meters. This permits customers to claim credits on their electricity bills based on the amount electricity their home generates. This credit can be applied to a consumer’s overall electricity bill , or to the electric utility’s bill depending on the size of their home.

The state’s electricity market is deregulated and makes switching your supplier easy. This will allow you to pick the plan that suits you most and your budget. Enter your zip code and you’ll instantly be able to see the top retail suppliers in your area that offer both electricity plans and green energy options.

Electric Rates

Choose Energy is an independent marketplace that can help you find the most competitive rates in your local area. We offer reviews of all our suppliers and make it simple to filter your search to help you select the best electric plan for your needs.

We’re proud to be a partner of CEJA and a pioneer in putting more options in front of customers and re-energizing an industry that was long controlled by large energy companies and expensive prices. We’re committed to making sure that CEJA continues to grow and transform the ways we use energy in Illinois so that it’s cleaner, safer and cheaper.

About Com Ed

Commonwealth Edison, also known as ComEd is the utility that supplies electricity to Chicago and Northern Illinois. It repairs and maintains power lines, switches your power back on following an the power goes out and then delivers electricity to your business or home. Its website and app make it easy to report outages, check storm information and receive outage alerts.

Its Smart Grid technology offers fewer and shorter outages, as well as a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and more integration with renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. The Governor’s Energy Program has given a number of awards to the company for its dedication to safety.