Get to know What is Happy Bunnies

Happy Bunny is a Nursery. It is an early childhood education center that provides top-notch child care and development. With a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, children will gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for school readiness. Our experienced and passionate teachers and caregivers are dedicated to providing the best education for their students, offering enriching activities to develop physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive, and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum includes math and science projects, art classes, outdoor exploration, and sensory play areas with natural materials, allowing children to enjoy meaningful experiences with nature while developing their gross motor coordination in an exciting way. To ensure every child receives personalized attention in a safe setting, we strive to maintain low student-teacher ratios while continuously assessing student progress. Click to learn to know more about the nursery.

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Why are Happy Bunnies unique?

Happy Bunnies offer a unique environment in which children are provided with the tools they need to prepare for their transition into primary school. With experienced teachers who specialize in early childhood education, schools provide a developmental curriculum tailored to each student’s individual needs and abilities. The close supervision and personalized instruction within a welcoming learning environment help children succeed academically as well as socialize with other peers. Additionally, children learn about core concepts like problem-solving and self-care that promote healthy physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

The Happy Bunnies Process

The admission process for Nursery schools is rigorous and comprehensive, designed to identify the most suitable candidates and guarantee that each child’s educational needs are met. Prospective students can apply either online or in person by submitting an application form, along with the necessary documents such as birth certificates, proof of address, report cards, recommendation letters, etc. Depending on the program and curriculum focus of each school, students may also be asked to take part in assessments ranging from cognitive ability tests to interviews with school management. Final admissions decisions are usually made shortly afterward, with successful applicants receiving email notifications. All families accepted into a Nursery school should be aware that they will be required to provide updated medical records at least twice a year.