Must Read About HVAC Repair


Our professionals will examine your unit to make sure it’s operating effectively and carry out any maintenance tasks required to keep your systems in decent order during this timeframe. But then how would I know when it’s time to arrange for HVAC maintenance and repairs in Clackamas, Oregon? Must look out for these aspects when you check:

  • A swimming pool surrounding your unit
  • Irregular airflow
  • Blowing smoke out of your appliance
  • Strange odors or sounds

In Clackamas, Oregon, and the neighboring areas, the team offers responsive engineering support and retail and office HVAC repair services. To make sure their units are in top shape, we will have to go and above.


Especially if one is not see everything wrong regarding your heater or air conditioner, you can still get in touch with us. We’ll examine your device.

During severe weather, you must be aware of how crucial owning a heat and air conditioner is. Controlling Techs NW can therefore assist you in making it simple for you if your current system entirely fails but you don’t have the money for a replacement.

Your household can benefit greatly from a new Heating system, but it is pricey. Fortunately, we have a heavy investment that is affordable for everyone, so you shouldn’t have to stress about paying for one of these basics!

For consumers with tight budgets who want to upgrade existing systems or install a brand-new component, whether it is a new air conditioning system, heater, heating system, or bundled unit—we offer flexible payment alternatives.

It might be appropriate for a maintenance visit if your thermostat or water heater is acting up, cycling frequently, or providing uneven or insufficient heat. Replacement or servicing is frequently all that’s necessary to get your machine back online at peak performance unless it’s more than ten years old.


Now is the ideal time to have your HVAC systems repaired in October in high gear and winter drawing near! Your go-to company for heating maintenance of the equipment, we are just here to help. For more information please check