RENT WITH REDEMPTION: advantages, disadvantages and opportunities

It is a moment in our reality in which there are objective difficulties in selling one’s property, and for those who buy, in accessing credit.

However, there is a solution that has been neglected up to now, and which could help those looking for a home to be able to make their dream of buying come true, and those who sell, to find greater possibilities for realizing it, expanding the market of potential buyers. In Italy there is no specific legislation that regulates this type of contract, but there are different ways of regulating the situation, guaranteeing the buyer and the seller, and allowing both to conclude the deal


But what is it about?

Instead of immediately paying the price, the buyer enters the property by paying a rent. The amounts paid will be considered, in part, as a deposit on the final price. In this way the buyer will have the opportunity to enjoy the property while waiting to collect the necessary resources to close the deal,

The advantages for those who sell, allow those who have a property, which weighs on the balance sheet, to start collecting an income immediately, usually higher than that of a normal rental fee, and to free themselves from the various management and maintenance costs ordinary, such as IMU, condominium expenses, and any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work.

For those who buy, there is the possibility, even without having immediate capital available (for example because they are waiting to sell another property, but with the need to move into a new property), to buy anyway, stop paying a “rent to lose” and begin to reduce the eventual final amount of the sale, waiting for better financial conditions.

The possibilities for this type of payment can be evaluated in two main types: rent with redemption, or rent to buy.


We speak of rent with purchase when a lease contract is signed between the parties for a period and the tenant/tenant is given the right to redeem the property at the end of a predetermined period by subtracting part of the fees paid from the final payment. In this case, a real rental contract is stipulated, based on the type of contract