Selling Your House During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that the pandemic is bad news for almost everyone – including sellers. Houses which have been on the market for months could suddenly sell within hours, if they’re lucky. So what should you do if your home is still up for sale?

Wait for the Panic to Pass

This option is probably the most popular. Who wants to sell their house during a pandemic? Probably those who don’t live where it’s happening, since those without need for money won’t do any house-hunting anyway. Conversely, those living in hot zones may have other priorities than going house shopping anyway. While this strategy could work, you could still be stuck with existing mortgage payments for months or even years. To get started on this strategy, visit TexasCashHouseBuyer today at!

Put Your House in Storage

If you live in a survival community or know someone who does, storage may be the ideal option for you. Instead of selling or giving up on your house altogether, put it into storage and wait for the pandemic to pass. Don’t take all furniture and fittings with you; rather, clean out the house and move everything out of sight so squatters don’t come calling. A suitable storage area would be something like an enclosed shed or garage; additionally, install heavy-duty padlocks on all doors to secure them securely.

Selling Your House During a Short Sale

Burn the House Down

This option is often preferred by survival communities due to its speedy, clean nature and (especially for hot zones) effectiveness. Burning your house doesn’t guarantee total destruction; bills and mortgage payments still need to be settled. Plus, it’s much simpler to remove debris, haul it away, and bury it than trying to get insurance companies to pay out on a burned-out shell.

Selling Your House and Moving Abroad

If you live in a hot zone, selling your house might be the best course of action; the extra security and institutions abroad may be more desirable than those at home. Before making such an important decision, consult with your spouse; if both of you agree that selling is beneficial, then that’s likely the best course of action; however, if only one person supports the idea then what happens next?

Going Bankrupt

Filing for bankruptcy can be done two ways: voluntarily or by court order. If your goal is to “clear out your debts”, going bankrupt might be your best bet. While there are costs involved with going bankrupt, if possible you’ll be able to write off all outstanding debts (rent, utilities, credit cards and student loans included) at once so no further payments will be needed in the future.