What happens during scalp micropigmentation for HD hairlines?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as tattoo hair, is used to cover up your hair loss. This method is done without any surgery. Using Scalp Micropigmentation – HD Hairlines the expert uses needles to deposit small pigments on your scalp. This helps you cover bald spots on your scalp and gives you a shaved-head look.

This technique is used as a cosmetic treatment for thinning hair or hair loss. This is also known as a “hair tattoo,” as this use natural pigment to inject into your scalp. To inject the pigment, the expert uses small needles to deposit the pigments in your head to provide a natural look. This is the long-term solution to hair loss.

This method covers not only the areas where hair falls but also the birthmarks and scars on your scalp. This causes the viewers to assume you have a shaved head. However, this is an illusion created by the expert to give the impression that the person has a shaved head. This method doesn’t require any surgery.

Does this method help to grow your hair?

No, this method won’t help you grow. Instead, Scalp Micropigmentation – HD Hairlines creates a natural appearance of a shaved head in the area. This treatment won’t cause any additional hair loss or damage to your existing hair. This treatment helps you make your eyebrows look thicker than usual.

This treatment may take up to 5 hours. This does not depend on the size of the treatment. as the pigments are varied in size due to their different locations. This process takes extra time to complete with a more natural look.


What happens during the treatment?

The experts use natural pigments to cover the empty space on your scalp. The pigments are precisely injected into the empty space with a tiny needle. After the treatment, you can continue your regular activities. This treatment won’t create any side effects, but if you wish, you can cover your scalp with a hat or scarf. This makes your appearance more natural and attractive after 3 or more treatments with regular treatment.

The advantage of using this treatment is

  • Less invasive
  • Less pain
  • lower cost than other techniques
  • No downtime

This also has some risks of an allergic reaction to the cosmetic pigments, infection from unsterilized needles, and an unnatural look after the treatment. These symptoms are experienced by the patient when they choose an unverified treatment provider.